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SC’s Competitive


Advanced Manufacturing

Within the apprenticeship

program, Apprenticeship Carolina’s

role in the partnership is to:

• Explain the apprenticeship model

to companies

• Draw up standards and training/

education outlines based on

company input

• Submit all paperwork to the

U.S. Department of Labor to get

program registered

• Assist with program updates as


• Identify funding sources to fund

the model through available State

and Federal incentives

Trident Technical College’s role

in the apprenticeship partnership

is to:

• Serve as intermediary between high

schools, parents, kids, faculty/staff,

employers and other economic and

workforce development partners

• Explain to employers about

partnerships and assist them with

developing their own apprenticeship

in collaboration with Trident

Technical College and other partners

• Direct college faculty and staff on

their role in Youth Apprenticeships

• Inform economic and workforce

development partners on how they

can assist in recruiting interested

employers and high school


• Educate teachers, counselors, parents

and high school students on dual

enrollment and youth apprenticeship

opportunities for the in-demand jobs

in the Charleston region

• Connect qualified students to


• Deliver technical dual credit training

to apprentices

one of their programs. Trident

Tech’s broad goal within the pro-

gram is to provide the apprentices

with the foundational knowledge

that employers can then build

upon and reinforce through appli-

cation of that knowledge.


Can you think of a word or

phrase that best describes appren-

ticeship… why?


“Win – Win” is the phrase

that comes to mind. Apprentices

graduate high school with a high

school diploma, two years of paid

work experience, a certificate

from the technical college and a

Department of Labor recognized

national credential.

Employers gain the enthusiasm,

energy and ideas of a young per-

son. Additionally, employers get

actual productivity from the ap-

prentice, and seasoned employees

get engaged through the mentor-

ing process. Lastly, employers are

creating the foundation for its

future workforce.


What do you like most

about your apprenticeship

program, and why?


The apprenticeship program

provides the perfect conduit for

young adults to succeed – an

opportunity that they may not

otherwise have had.


If you had the opportunity

to talk to another company about

youth apprenticeship, what would

you say?


I emphatically recommend the

youth apprenticeship program and

encourage all employers to jump

in with both feet. Don’t overcom-

plicate the process with miscon-

ceptions of what is needed within

your company to have a success-

ful program. As long as you can

keep your apprentice safe, you are



Is there anything else you’d

like to add about youth appren-

ticeship and/or Apprenticeship



My involvement in the appren-

ticeship program has been a career

highlight for me and has paid

dividends for all those involved.

However, none of this would have

come to fruition had it not been

for the hand-holding and heavy

lifting done by Apprenticeship

Carolina. They seamlessly

integrated all the steps of the

apprenticeship process into a

program, removing any hurdle that

may have been in an employer’s


“I emphatically recommend the youth

apprenticeship program and encourage all

employers to jump in with both feet.”