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Page Background

Economic Development and Growth through Education


Trident Technical College Advanced Manufacturing

Trident Technical College (TTC)

Industrial and Engineering

Technology programs prepare

students for a variety of jobs in

advanced manufacturing. An

advisory committee of local

employers provides guidance on

skills that are needed for employ-

ment, and labs allow students to

practice the hands-on aspects of

the job as well as work as part of

a team.

Recognizing industry’s demand

for more skilled labor in the

region, coupled with a need for

an alternative career pathway

for high school students, commu-

nity leaders in Charleston came

together to establish a manu-

facturing sector partnership and

develop the region’s first U.S. De-

partment of Labor Youth Appren-

ticeship Program in 2014. The

sector partnership includes high

schools in all four local school

districts, TTC and a consortium

of industry partners. It represents

a community-wide collabora-

tive approach to developing a

comprehensive career pathway

that provides a seamless transi-

tion for students from secondary

to post-secondary education into

the skilled workforce.

Some of the local companies

that employ grads: Bosch, Boe-

ing, Hubner Manufacturing,

Zeltwanger, IFA Rotorion, Scout

Boats, Cummins, VTL Group,

Aero Precision Products, TorqTek

Design and Manufacturing.

Learn more:

Programs Offered

Associate Degrees

• Mechnical Engineering Technology

• General Technology

Career Paths in:

– Electrician: Automation and Industrial

– Industrial Maintenance Mechanics

– Machine Tool Technology

– Welding


• Advanced Automation: Mechatronics

• Basic Machining and CNC Fundamentals

• Electrician: Automated Controls

• Electrician: Industrial

• Industrial Mechanic

• Mechanical Drafting

• Welding: Gas Metal Arc and Fluxed

Cored Arc

• Welding: Gas Tungsten Arc

• Welding: Shielded Metal Arc