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SC’s Competitive


Advanced Manufacturing


Do you have any plans for future growth



We grow every year. It’s probably the best-kept

secret around.

The largest recent expansion that we did was three years

ago, which was called the MultiAir and UniAir expansion.

It was a joint venture with Fiat designed to build a fuel

management system for its automobiles. When Chrysler

bought Fiat out, we then partnered with Chrysler. That

partnership represented a $70 million investment and

added 425 new jobs over a two-year period.


How has readySC’s training and recruitment

program helped Schaeffler’s growth?


We’ve used readySC periodically throughout the

years with pre-employment training classes. They were

our partner during the MultiAir and UniAir expansion

and conducted all the training for us. Most classes

consisted of about 30 to 40 people a session. For one

whole year, we ran four-week sessions one after the

other, essentially adding more groups every four weeks.

We tailored the readySC training to our processes, which

included our mechanical drawings, work orders, shop

orders, products and the required soft-skills. We also

worked closely with Northeastern Technical College

(NETC) and their machining center. Students were asked

to do simple machining work, so we could identify

those with the potential to be good machinists, those

that were best suited as good inspectors, and those that

could do other necessary jobs. We tied it all together as

a whole package.

I think over the years we’ve probably done 15 to 20

projects with readySC on different-sized scales. We’re

in the process of doing another expansion project at the

first of the year. In our current plant, we’re putting in a

brand-new product line that will come in from Germany.

We’ll pick it up, move it here, and that will add 150 to

160 new jobs. That expansion is expected to be about a

$40 million project.


How happy have you been with the long-term

results of the readySC classes?


The retention has been great, and turnover has

been very minimal, which is good. readySC worked

closely with their partners like SC Department of

Employment and Workforce to advertise the positions,

receive applications, pre-screen applicants, set up

interviews for us and handle other logistics around

recruiting. Schaeffler conducted the final screening with

the applicants to identify candidates for the readySC

training. It was a team effort. At the end of the pre-

“We grow every year.

It’s probably the best-kept

secret around.”