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Economic Development and Growth through Education


employment training session, I would give a presentation

about the company. Some of Schaeffler’s instructors also

helped readySC with the classes.

A key result from this approach was that the participants

were actually getting integrated into Schaeffler’s system

while being trained. They knew our expectations

before they were ever brought on board. Those were

laid out right up front in the pre-employment training.

Participants understood the company’s culture and

expectations, their particular job requirements, and

in most cases, they knew exactly what job they would

be doing by the conclusion of the training. As part of

the training experience, we brought them into the

plant and gave them a comprehensive tour – even

pointing out specific equipment and indicating, “this

is the machine you are going to operate — do you feel

comfortable doing that?” If they said no, we’d say, “OK,

we understand.” We didn’t want to bring people in that

didn’t feel comfortable with the job.


Is there anything specific that you’d like to

highlight about the readySC training program, for

instance, a trainee who has grown over the years to be

highly successful at Schaeffler?


We did identify four people in the last readySC

training classes that really stood out. During the year

following their training, they could take on more

leadership in their roles because of the initiative they

showed. They took charge making certain things

were being done. They helped other students who

were experiencing issues, and later they helped other

employees who were having a problem. Going through

the readySC training program helped us to quickly

identify these people, and now they’re moving into team

leader roles.


If you could choose a word or a phrase that

best describes readySC, what would that word or

phrase be?


Flexible. Responsive. Helpful. Committed. Those

would be the ones I would choose.

Schaeffler produces parts for


of Automotive Manufacturers

The National Association of

State Agencies named Schaeffler



because of its apprenticeship

programs in South Carolina

Schaeffler produces parts for


of Industrial, Aviation & Aerospace

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