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SC’s Competitive


Advanced Manufacturing

orsehead Corporation is the leading recycler and manufacturer of zinc-based products

in North America. The company opened its first green-field facility for recycling electric

arc furnace dust in Barnwell, SC in 2010. Eric Stroom, Horsehead’s plant manager, says the

seamless transition between the services of readySC

, ApprenticeshipCarolina


Technical College (DTC) helped forge the company’s pathway to prosperity in South Carolina.

Initially, readySC worked with Horsehead to provide

the customized recruiting and training solutions needed

to begin successful production. According to Stroom,

“readySC’s services played a significant role in

Horsehead’s decision to locate in South Carolina, and

it’s a decision we haven’t regretted. The readySC team did

an outstanding job supporting the recruitment and train-

ing of our initial workforce. Our project manager pro-

vided precise and competent program management. Our

curriculum specialist coordinated program development

and logistics flawlessly. The team worked closely with

our group to develop a spot-on curriculum and training

vehicle that our staff effectively delivered. This program

was an essential ingredient in providing our new employ-

ees with a basic understanding of Horsehead’s mission,

expectations, technologies and processes on

day one


employment. Our startup was a tremendous success, due

in large part to the preparation of our workforce through

readySC. It was a tremendous team effort!”

Apprenticeship Carolina helped the workforce continue

to grow by guiding Horsehead through the registered



for Horsehead

Horsehead apprentices and managers

attend the SC Apprentice Initiative

Meeting at Denmark Technical College.