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Economic Development and Growth through Education


To prepare for the company’s future

growth, Greenfield has established a

youth apprenticeship program to help

train its next generation of productive

employees. Ty Taylor, president of

Greenfield Industries, sees this as a way

to enlighten high school students to

career opportunities in the manufacturing

field. “This program lets us bring young

people into manufacturing. Through their

experience at Greenfield, they can see the

opportunity that manufacturing offers and

gain experience that we hope benefits

them through their lives.”

Anthony Tosti, CFO Greenfield Industries,

Inc. / TDC Overseas Operations, explains

how apprenticeship was established at

Greenfield. “The programs started in

2014 when Apprenticeship Carolina

approached Greenfield. These qualified

apprentice programs are in-line with our

philosophy and the spirit of our owner Jeff

Chee. We work closely with Apprentice-

ship Carolina, Tri-County Technical College

and the Hamilton Career Center to define

a program to fit our needs while providing

the associates who joined our program

the opportunity to gain certification and

skills while making money doing it. Grants

have been used to partially defray educa-

tional costs incurred by the apprentices.”

South Carolina offers tax credits to

companies for each registered apprentice,

and the South Carolina Apprenticeship Ini-

tiative (SCAI) grant provides the funds to

help offset training costs associated with

reenfield Industries, Inc. can trace its long and successful

history in South Carolina to 1961 and the construction of the

Imperial Drills Company manufacturing site in Seneca. The company

evolved over the years into Greenfield Industries, and in 2009

became part of the Top-Eastern Group (TDC), the world’s largest

manufacturer of twist drills. Building on this enduring success, TDC

recently established its overseas headquarters in Seneca to manage

all its operations outside of China.


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