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Page Background

Economic Development & Growth through Education


About GITI Tire

GITI Tire Group, headquartered

in Singapore, has been in the tire

business since 1951. GITI Tire oper-

ates eight manufacturing plants

and produces a broad range of tire

products, serving major original

equipment vehicle manufacturers,

auto-service outlets, tire dealers

and consumers in more than 130

countries worldwide.

The Chester County facility repre-

sents GITI’s ninth manufacturing

plant in its global system and is

the first greenfield project in North

America for GITI Tire. The plant

will produce passenger and light

truck tires for the replacement

and original equipment markets,

and should be operational in 2017.

During the first phase of produc-

tion, the plant’s capacity is expect-

ed to be five million tires annually.

GITI Tire plans to further increase

production capacity in response to

future market demand and condi-

tions. The plant plans to generate

1,700 new jobs over the next 10


An examination of existing train-

ing plans and materials focused


How training is currently

conducted, documented,

measured and delivered

How training will be similar at

the new facility

What knowledge, skills and

abilities are needed to perform

the entry-level functions of the


During these plant visits, the team

also observed differences and

similarities between the culture at

the existing facilities and identi-

fied what is planned for the South

Carolina facility.

From Hefei, China, the Discovery

team then traveled to Shanghai to

the company’s Chinese headquar-

ters to meet with GITI Tire leaders.

By the conclusion of the meeting,

readySC and GITI had defined a

preliminary timeline for recruit-

ment and agreed on an effective

pre-hire training strategy.

The output from this Discovery

Phase will be used to Design and

Deliver customized training that

helps to maximize GITI’s success in

North America.


to be made during the first

phase of production, with plans

to further increase production

capacity in response to future

market demand and conditions


will be assisting with the

recruiting and training of

its initial workforce

This significant investment represents

our strong commitment to customers in

North America. This is a key milestone

for GITI Tire and an important part of

our growth strategy worldwide.”


Enki Tan, Executive Chairman of

Giti Tire Group (right), with SC

Governor Nikki Haley (center)