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Economic Development & Growth through Education


outh Carolina creates an environment of

success for the tire industry, and success

breeds success. The Palmetto State is the

top tire producer in the US, generating over

99,000 units each day. It also leads the country

in exports and accounts for over 30 percent of

the nation’s overseas market, which is nearly

four times as much as its closest competitor,



The past five years have been extraor-

dinarily successful, with billions of

dollars invested in South Carolina by

three of the world’s largest tire manu-

facturers: Michelin, Bridgestone and

Continental. All totaled, these three

companies employ nearly 11,000

South Carolinians. An additional 3,000

jobs are on their way as new plants by

Trelleborg Wheel Systems Americas,

Inc. and Giti Tire Group reach full pro-

duction, along with various expansion

projects across the state.

According to a 2012

The Wall Street


article, South Carolina’s “high-

tech workforce” is the secret to this

success. This talented workforce

“makes the state an easy choice for

tomorrow’s factories, where highly

automated plants require skilled


The key to building that skilled work-

force is readySC

, which provides

recruitment and training solutions

for new and expanding industries

throughout the state. Since 2010,

readySC has trained over 2,500 people

for the tech-savvy tire industry, and

an additional 3,000 are projected to

be trained in the next five years.